About Me

Email <paul.kinkade@gmail.com> or call/text 952-380-6995 to book a lesson!

My studio is on Franklin & Lasalle Ave (map).


I have been playing the piano since preschool. I gained a wide musical knowledge by playing multiple instruments--mostly piano, guitar, and trumpet--in many types of ensembles, from rock to jazz to classical. All of this experience informs my piano playing. I earned my B.A. in Music from the University of Minnesota, and now I play mostly jazz and contemporary music. I am a longtime improviser and composer. I am also a committed meditator, and I seek ways to infuse my meditation practice into my music. I continue to perform my piano music in small venues across Minneapolis.

My Teaching Philosophy: 

My teaching strategy is highly tailored to the needs of each student. I love working with kids and adults alike, from beginners to people who are trying to seriously develop their creativity as musicians. I help students develop their ear, understand the music, and develop a fluid finger technique capable of expressing a musical sound. I engage students in lots of friendly dialogue to find out what their goals are and how I can help them meet them.